My music, the studio.

The studio.
Rather old picture, time for a new one. 🙂

This is my playground.

Equipment present:

– Intel core2quad e6600 @ 3ghz with MOTU 828 mk2 and Audiotrak Maya soundcards.
– Dual amd 2800MP rendernode.
– xbox360 for aggression relief 🙂

– Behringer eurodesk 2442A, DDX3216 and RX1602 mixing desks
– Clavia Nord Modular synth

– Clavia Nord Modular G2 synth (lovely 😉
– Access Virus KC synth
– Yamaha Cs1x
– Roland jv 1010
– Jomox X-Base 09

– Tannoy reveal active monitor speakers, samson Resolv sub88 subwoofer.
– Additional Sony SMS 1P monitor speakers.
– Lexicon mpx 100 reverb
– Behringer dsp 2424 effects processor
– Emagic AMT8 midi interface
– Various effect pedals, including Proco The Rat and a Ibanez Turbo Screamer.

The tracks:
Little red box, A goatrance’ish track, from way back in 1999 🙂
The track was created to celebrate the purchase of a Access Virus 🙂

Tsjoepatsjoep, created after hearing Widescreen from RMB.

Acid saves lives, My entry for the music compo at Outline 2006.

Soil 64k tune
, The music for our 64 kilobyte entry Soil at Outline 2006.
The track was created with the synthengine from Farbraush, our own new synth engine is still a work in progress.

Dahlia 64k tune, And this is the musical score of our 64kilobyte entry Dahlia (created for Outline 2007), also created with the sound engine from our friends at Farbrausch.

Antiphore 64k tune , Musical score of our winning 64 kilobyte entry Antiphore (created for Evoke 2007).
Mirage, My entry for the music compo at Evoke 2007.

Vet en Smerig, Musical score of our entry Seiryoku for the Intel democompetition 2008. 100% Reason, including a nasty eq setting for the breakbeat. sorry about that..

Detox, my entry for the music competition of outline 2009.