Airforce demodays Volkel

Went to the ‘luchtmachtdagen’ of the NL Airforce in Volkel.
I think it must be a boys thing, but the fascination for these kind of things is remarkable.
The shear overwhelming power combinated with agility and beautiful design stil is a winner in my book. haha. 😉
The plan to attend this yearly event has been on my todo list for some time, and this year we got to it.

But since pictures can tell more than a thousand words, here is a selection of things that catched my attention.

The demo f16 of the Dutch Airforce
The demonstration F16 of the Dutch Airforce doing it’s demo run.

A Avro Vulcan of the RAF, very impressive sight!

The Men at work, nice to see such enthousiasm, and very nice that they can maintain and fly these old aircraft, i’d imagine it’s a dream for them. 🙂

A helicopter from the ground troops, in a combined demonstration with the airforce.

A demogroup of propeller aircraft, but i forgot which one.. 🙁


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