Racing @ Zolder, 12 – 10 – ’07

This friday was a special day.

First time racing with the Scooby on a purpose build racetrack, and my first time on the Zolder circuit in Belgium.

Also a first was the amount of tracktime scheduled for this day, a whopping 5 hours.

The day was organized by bmw enthousiasts, but there was room for additional cars, so i was allowed to tag along. 🙂

I really had a blast on the track, and gradually getting to know the car.

I expected some defects to show up, since the car has never been seriously driven in it’s short life.

But the racing pedegree of the car became apperant during the day, everything kept doing its job, and kept doing it well.

The other cars were all dedicated circuit tools, with semislicks or even slicks installed.

So i was quite happy to notice that in the course of the day, i was able to keep up with most of them, although i only had street tyres.

All the drivers were very good, and everyone was racing clean, very enjoyable, and i like to do this again in the near future.

racing at Zolder

I’m having a blast! 😉

Photo’s were taken by Patrick van Wijngen, who tagged along, big thanks for those. 🙂


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