Nurburgring trip 24-02-’08

First ring trip of the year, previous one was canceled due to a nasty fluenza.
Like the previous time when we arived the track was humid, and slowly drying up.
So the first lap i took it easy, and fortunatly i was practicaly alone on the track, so i could focus on my own driving.
During the day i drove 3 more laps, and during these laps i started to get the rhythm of the car in combination with the track.
Unfortunaly the blowoff valve froze in the open position during the last lap, so the 265 hp were reduced to a mere 50hp.
Thankfully, the bov was easily repaired when i got home. doing a 100 on the autobahn is no fun 🙁
Lovin'it :)
The car and me having a blast. 🙂


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