Airforce demodays Volkel

Went to the ‘luchtmachtdagen’ of the NL Airforce in Volkel. I think it must be a boys thing, but the fascination for these kind of things is remarkable. The shear overwhelming power combinated with agility and beautiful design stil is a winner in my book. haha. 😉 The plan to attend this yearly event has […]

Scatterpillar released.

So, it’s been a while since my last post. Outline was a real blast, and we released a nice 64k, and this one was actually pretty much finished, considering the time we had to spend on it. You can download the 64k at At the moment i’m busy with the purchase of a house, […]

The things ahead.

Outline was a blast, i had to cancel my animation due to the big rendertimes, so i decided to create a little rushed animation instead. Our 64k with the catchy name Wrecked Angle was nice, not outstanding, due to rushing things as usual. Pandora however is working great, a bit buggy, but a lot of […]

Outline 2008, and the struggle against the deadlines.

Currently, we (glow and i) are working hard to get our stuff ready for outline 2008, wich will be held 1-4 of may. Glow is busy coding our new own softsynth called Pandora and the rest of the coding on our 64 kilobyte entry. Meanwhile i’m busy working on a little animation i want to […]

Nurburgring trip 24-02-’08

First ring trip of the year, previous one was canceled due to a nasty fluenza. Like the previous time when we arived the track was humid, and slowly drying up. So the first lap i took it easy, and fortunatly i was practicaly alone on the track, so i could focus on my own driving. […]

Racing @ Zolder, 12 – 10 – ’07

This friday was a special day. First time racing with the Scooby on a purpose build racetrack, and my first time on the Zolder circuit in Belgium. Also a first was the amount of tracktime scheduled for this day, a whopping 5 hours. The day was organized by bmw enthousiasts, but there was room for […]

Nurburgring trip

Taking the new car for a spin on the nurburgring. Sure felt like the car enjoyed it just as much as i did. 😀

Zandvoort clubspecials 22-04-2007

Attended yet another edition of the Zandvoort clubspecials. A bit crowded on the track, but big fun anyway. And the pictures can be found here as usual.

A1 GP Zandvoort.

This time, i went to see the A1GP, first time they were coming to Zandvoort, so i dragged my sister and her boyfriend along for the ride. 🙂 Weather was good, with some occasional showers, they sure made the races intresting. 😉 We really had a good time, sound of those v8’s is just amazing, […]

Trip to the Nurburgring.

Went to the nurburgring circuit this weekend together with Patrick. At last i went on the track with the new engine and suspension setup. And my, what a difference! No need to go flatout this time, the car is really fast and forgiving around the track, and i loved it. Too bad a wheel bearing […]

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