The things ahead.

Outline was a blast, i had to cancel my animation due to the big rendertimes, so i decided to create a little rushed animation instead.

Our 64k with the catchy name Wrecked Angle was nice, not outstanding, due to rushing things as usual. Pandora however is working great, a bit buggy, but a lot of potential.

Looking forward to expand and tweak that one. 🙂

We received a letter that we got through the preselection of the intel demo competition, wich was kind of a surprise to us, looking at the high level of entry’s of past years.It will be our first full demo, so a lot of work has to be done on the Nerve engine to make it usable for a full blown demo.

Also Evoke is knocking at the door, where we wil release a nice (hopefully finished) 64k, and i’m planning to enter the animation competition with the cube animation.

And a large animation called ‘The Dutch Groove Experience’ is planned for breakpoint 2009, so enough stuff to keep me of the street for half a year. 😀


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