Outline 2008, and the struggle against the deadlines.

Currently, we (glow and i) are working hard to get our stuff ready for outline 2008, wich will be held 1-4 of may.

Glow is busy coding our new own softsynth called Pandora and the rest of the coding on our 64 kilobyte entry.

Meanwhile i’m busy working on a little animation i want to enter for the wild competition.

Idea of making this started at Breakpoint after seeing a lot of cool entry’s in the 4k/64k and demo competitions.

That, combined with the nice demoscene vibe, caused me to start working on this animation.

It features 10.000 polygon cubes, doing their thing.. 😉

I hope we will get everything done, outline was a lot earlier than we initially anticipated.

Seems our 64k will be a rushed partyhack once again, but finally without the v2 synth engine, and with our own rocking, semifinished synthengine. 🙂

Rendertimes of the animation are giving me the creeps, still need to do some optimizing, currently the estimate is it will take another 75 days of rendering.

Outline is only 10 days away though.. so.. that’s a bitch.. 🙂

teaser renders

And 2 little teaser screenshots. 😉


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  1. cosmi on April 29th, 2008 11:45 am

    😛 Hoop dat er vele mooie entries komen, en dat er heel veel bier gedronken mag worden, en pizza en.. en..
    partee parteeee!

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