The new car arrived.

This weekend, i picked up my new car from it’s former owner.

2002 WRX STi

It’s a 2002 Subaru Impreza wrx STi, and it sure is a blast to drive. 🙂

Going to the nurburgring with it in two weeks, looking forward to it.

Zandvoort clubspecials 22-04-2007

Attended yet another edition of the Zandvoort clubspecials.

A bit crowded on the track, but big fun anyway.

And the pictures can be found here as usual.

Upgrade to WordPress

Decided to upgrade to WordPress Blog, Let’s see how that turns out 🙂

Happy Newyear!

So, and we’re living in 2007 already…

Happy Newyear y’all! 😉

Inque downtime.

Ok, and we’re back.

Sorry for the downtime, a harddisc of the old inque server broke down on us.
Thankfully, i was already setting up a new and faster server.
So i had to rush a bit to get this server up and running, so not everything is up and running yet.

A1 GP Zandvoort.

This time, i went to see the A1GP, first time they were coming to Zandvoort, so i dragged my sister and her boyfriend along for the ride. 🙂

Weather was good, with some occasional showers, they sure made the races intresting. 😉

Jeroen Bleekemolen
We really had a good time, sound of those v8’s is just amazing, the backfire of those things.. damn 🙂

Taking pictures was harder than usual, the track really filled up with people along the day.
jeroen Bleekemolen did a terrific job on his first raceday ending up at 4th place for Team Netherlands. Keep it up!

Anyway, here you can find my pictures as usual.

Trip to the Nurburgring.

Went to the nurburgring circuit this weekend together with Patrick.
At last i went on the track with the new engine and suspension setup.
And my, what a difference! No need to go flatout this time, the car is really fast and forgiving around the track, and i loved it.

Too bad a wheel bearing decided to break down on me on the second lap, but i sure had a blast.

whiiiii :)
Thanks to Patrick for shooting me in action.

And my pictures can be found here.

Bavaria City Racing

Went to the Bavaria City Racing Festival last weekend.

Jos Verstappen in his A1GP car.
Unfortunaly again lots of rain, and a big crowd resulting in some acrobatics to get at least some nice pictures.

But overall i had a very good time, the speed and sound of all the cars was amazing, goosebumps all over 🙂

The rest of the photo’s can be found here.

Zandvoort clubspecials 16-07-06

So, went to the Zandvoort Clubspecials again.
It was a long time since my car had seen the track due to delivery problems of the new clutch, but at last i could round those corners once again.

I really enjoyed every minute of it, and thanks to my sister ( i have some pictures of me in action. 🙂

The rest of the day i walked around and taking pictures of the other cars that were racing the track.

My pictures can be found in the gallery.

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